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Project: Music Heals Us - Vista Life Innovations #2

The Solera QuartetVista Life Innovations and artist Samantha Listorti will collaborate to bring to Vista Life a series of "paint-night" concerts that journey into the heart and mind of Ludwig von Beethoven. Through an exploration of his intimate string quartet repertoire and personal journals, each paint-night will feature one aspect of Beethoven's struggle with disability and the tools he drew upon to ultimately find personal triumph.  

Jan 23rd - PAINT NIGHT #2: "Here Shall I Learn Wisdom: Beethoven & The Natural World"

Middle Quartets + Heiligenstadt Nature Scene

A lifelong city-dweller, Beethoven yearned for the great outdoors - a spiritual sanctuary for him as his hearing eroded.  To this end, he often fled to the countryside in search of wisdom, refuge, and peace, and these nature retreats inspired many of his greatest works.  In this program, the Solera Quartet will share several of these works, interwoven with personal stories from Beethoven's walks in the forest.